U Bolts

Uğur Bağlantı

Ugur Fastener company founded in 1970, produces all kinds of fasteners from furniture group to heavy industry.

Ugur Fasteners continues its activities in Izmir as a strong company in the manufacturing industry.

"We are able to produce the fastest production in standard and all special sizes.
We produce black and white (stainless).

Note: Special works are carried out on the order." "For any questions or orders, please contact us at the contact page. Please fill out the price form for your requests for quotation / term."




Providing quality, nature-friendly products and services that give importance to occupational health and safety and comply with standards for a livable world.


Providing environmentally friendly, high quality and reliable products to its customers with the participation of all our stakeholders and employees; giving importance to the training, qualification and satisfaction of its employees; Carrying out its activities by taking into account the environmental effects of our products and facilities and occupational health and safety risks, following scientific and technological developments in the communication, communication and energy sector; To be one of the leading companies in the sector that attaches importance to continuous development and the training of its employees.


“To be the leading company in the field in which we operate in the production of all kinds of nuts and bolts, to ensure customer satisfaction and efficiency in line with the principles of expertise, quality and occupational health and safety, to reduce costs, to meet the needs and expectations of the organizations we serve, in timely delivery, price and quality conditions. as to do, in matters of quality; To establish and implement a management approach with objectives and a risk-based quality management system. To provide our products with our fast and reliable service, to protect the environment, to use our resources such as experienced workforce, technological infrastructure and materials efficiently and effectively, to identify risks and opportunities and to continue to be one of the leading companies in our sector by constantly improving our system.



50 Years of Experience and Excellence